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Terms and Conditions

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This document is to inform all suppliers regarding Condor Industries terms and conditions, which affect all documents and orders.

  • All materials that are given to an outside source or supplier are the property of Condor Industries. Condor Industries and our customers reserve the right to audit and/or evaluate your facility, as well as review each process used at any given time. The Condor Industries Supplier Quality Audit must be completed and renewed yearly.
  • Condor Industries will provide you with a “Reference Copy” of sketches, blueprints, Requirement Control Cards (RCC’s), and Quality Assurance Data (QAD’s).
  • Any information including but not limited to sketches, blueprints, QAD’s, RCC’s, purchase orders and other technical data, given to an outside source from Condor Industries must be kept confidential and strictly protected against any unauthorized use, disclosure or transfer. All documents/computer data files are Condor Industries proprietary information and are disclosed in confidence. This data shall not be disclosed to others or used to manufacture components for anyone other than Condor Industries.
  • Condor Industries is International Traffic in Arm Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Act (EAR) compliant. Documents may contain technical data that is controlled in compliance with the ITAR and/or EAR. Without approval from the U. S. Department of State, the transfer or release of this technical data to a foreign person or entity, whether manufactured within the United States or abroad, is strictly prohibited. More information on ITAR and EAR compliance can be found at the following web address:
  • All of Condor Industries bins, trays, tooling, gages, and extra material must be returned along with your packing slips and process certifications (as required) upon completion of your process.
  • All material certifications must be made according to the latest specification revision, which are in effect at the time of order placement. If you are unable to comply, Condor Industries must be notified before processing can begin. AMS, AS and similar industry standard specifications are available at the following web address: All OEM Specifications Revisions Lists are listed on their website and are available to you if you are source controlled and are approved by them. If a copy of the latest specification revision is needed or if you have any questions/concerns, please contact Condor Industries.
  • On all special gages, the Quality Control Department at Condor Industries will keep a record of all outside source use. Each tool must be returned following process completion and will be evaluated prior to and after use. If there are any discrepancies of damage, you will be responsible and therefore subject to necessary repair and/or replacement.
  • If there are inconsistencies with Condor Industries documents and/or components, Condor Industries must be notified prior to processing. In the event of count discrepancies or lost parts in your possession, you are subject to a charge back.
  • All non-conforming or scrapped components produced by an outside source must be tagged. This tag must state the following: the part number, revision letter, date of the non-conformance, the operation in which the part was scrapped or deviated, and the reason for the non-conformance. All nonconforming material must be identified and placed in a separate bin upon return to Condor Industries. If deviated parts arrive to CONDOR INDUSTRIES without any tags or identification then the entire lot will be subject for rejection. Charge backs will apply.
  • If nonconforming material has been received by Condor Industries, you will be notified via email and/or fax by receiving a Nonconforming Material Report. The original form must be returned along with the components if repairable. If you wish to contest our findings upon receipt of this notice you may contact our Quality Control department to arrange a visit. The original form must be completed and returned to Condor Industries within 7 to 10 days upon receipt of Nonconformance Report.
  • Payment due dates, including discount periods, will be calculated from the date of receipt of components or the date of receipt of a correct invoice, whichever is later. No payment shall constitute acceptance on any products.
  • Work sub-contracted to a Supplier shall not be subsequently sub-contracted to another source without the written consent and permission of Condor Industries.

Condor Industries will place a hold on payment if any of the conditions listed above are not met.